By Joy BC

Like the Japanese art of Kintsugi (where broken ceramics are mended using gold and Urushi lacquer), this piece highlights the beauty in breakages and ruin. ‘Solis’, Latin for sun, is a nod to the ancient belief that gold was the actual sun that had fallen from the sky. All life needs light to grow- and this ring is an homage to illuminated thought.

All of my ‘Ruin-Lust’ works explore this idea of needing destruction as much as creation. Many of the surviving artefacts from ancient Rome and Greece are no longer intact. Sculpted images, for example, are missing limbs or facial features. These losses reflect their personal history. They are also an intrinsic part of their beauty and continuing appeal.

solid 18ct recycled gold, solid 925 silver. One of a kind. Can be sized on request.

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