‘Precious Tear’


By Joy BC

Each Precious Tear ring is unique. No two are the same. They are often made bespoke to order. The nobel metal combinations can be discussed - varying from 18ct yellow gold and silver to white gold and two tear drops instead of the one. The precious gemstone can also take the form of a diamond or ruby.
This is an ongoing body of work in my exploration of Tears and how I believe they are precious. By transforming an ethereal liquid tear into a hard stone sapphire, I am putting emphasis on the strength it takes to show one’s vulnerabilities. The wearer, by engaging with this ‘totem’, becomes the owner of their vulnerability and honestly confronts the aspect of ourselves we often ignore or suppress.

There are three types of tears, ones secreted to keep the eye lubricated and free of dust, ones to remove particles when the eye becomes irritated (think of cutting an onion), and ones that fall when we feel emotional stress, pleasure, anger, suffering, mourning, or physical pain. Whatever the type of tear, in my view, they are all precious, and even more so in a moment of empathy or as an expression of mourning for a loss of someone who was important to us. There is even a type of butterfly in the amazon rainforest that survives by lapping up the salty tears of turtles.

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