‘Deconstructed Portrait’ (with diamonds)

£5,200.00 - £12,000.00

By Joy BC

Materials: Solid 18ct gold, golden diamonds, 925 silver with dark patina.

The diamonds are artfully placed to create a dynamic tension between the contrasting form and material- but also a nod to ‘dust’ and how dust particles look like gold when in streams of light. They way we perceive objects of antiquity and their relevance to our understanding of value is interesting and something Joy BC quite literally dissects.

The portrait was originally based on Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and protectress of sailors. Whilst investigating her Italian heritage and questioning her fascination with ‘classical’ figurative sculpture She discovered many of the pieces she had seen in Italy and in British museums were roman copies. This lead her into asking why are ‘classics’ revered so highly, copied and repeated over centuries.

‘Looking into the origins of western literature and art I made some darker discoveries which leant towards the silencing of women. Though this process I deconstructed, cut apart and re-defined what ‘classical’ meant for me’.

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