3rd July 2018

Cockpit welcomes new makers to our creative business incubator studios on a regular basis – with the coming summer months bringing an exceptional group of talent.

Access to our unique package of support comes via many routes and often, importantly, with the generous funding from our Awards sponsors. These organisations, and the individuals within them, enable us to deliver our services to many more craftspeople than we’d be able to alone and the value of their partnerships with Cockpit is immense.

Joining us in Deptford will be:
Stephanie Buttle (Clear Award 2018) is a ceramicist with a diverse background including dance and performance.
Poppy Fuller Abbott  (Clothworkers’ Award 2018) has an experimental approach and uses a sustainable paper yarn in her textiles.
Elizabeth Ashdown (Clothworkers’ Award 2018) specialises in the niche craft of creating often-elaborate trimmings (Passementerie) for garments and interior furnishing.
Vicky Cowin (Clothworkers’ Award 2018) is a weaver who graduated in 2016 and who is already gaining recognition for her work as the Elle Decoration Award winner last year.
Sophie Graney (Clothworkers’ Award 2018) integrates unusual materials in her weaving and has plans to work with product designers as part of her business.
Anu Bankole (Leathersellers’ Award 2018) is a bag maker with an ambition to build on her already-impressive list of clients and collaborations.
Steven Harkin (Leathersellers’ Award 2018) is a Sydney-born maker who creates luxurious leather bags and accessories.
Jessica Noy  (Leathersellers’ Award 2018) is a self-taught leather worker making accessories and bags.
Rafael Santoliquido Davini (Turners’ Award 2018) is a Brazilian-born turner with a passion for recycling wood to create new objects and containers.

In Holborn, we’ll be welcoming makers that are joining us through our standard application procedure:
Olivia Creber is a jeweller using a distinctive combination of uncut gemstones with electroformed precious metal.
Ruschil & Bailly – Antoni Ruschil and Florian Bailly are violin and bow makers originating from London and Paris and offer a bespoke service for musicians.

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With thanks to our partners …

Top image: Leather bags by Steven Harkin. Photo by Ion Setran.