1st August 2019

Cockpit Arts is delighted to partner in the UAL Creative Enterprise Awards programme for the second year, with the Artist/Maker Award winner receiving a package of business support from our highly regarded Business Incubation team as well as a £5k prize. Open to all students and graduates of University of the Arts London, the UAL Creative Enterprise Awards are funding and support packages to help grow new business ideas and nurture enterprising initiatives.

The 2019 Awards evening took place on 3 July at Central Saint Martins and Cockpit is looking forward to working with Ania Marciniak, Kao Pham and Madeleine Duflot from the furniture design company, Ilco, winners of the Artist/Maker Award this year. Congratulations to this great team!

Emma Thatcher, Enterprise Practitioner at University of the Arts London, states:
“University of the Arts are delighted to partner with Cockpit Arts again this year. Working in collaboration with Cockpit means that the winners receive tailored support that’s invaluable to them at this stage in their development as a creative business. The impact on 2018 winner, Arturo Soto, has been so important and we’re very happy to hear he’s now joining the incubator. This year’s winners, the Ilco team, are full of energy and ideas too and can’t wait to get started.”

Fittingly, this year the award trophies were designed and made by the 2018 Artist Maker winner Arturo Soto. Wood-turner Arturo’s vision is to showcase luxurious pieces made entirely from wood and waste, showing people that waste and recycled materials can be luxurious and beautiful. As the successful recipient of the Award in 2018, Arturo took part in Cockpit’s workshop programme tailored to early stage makers and award winners. He also met for one-to-one coaching sessions with Cockpit’s Head of Business Incubation David Crump. Over a year, he did a lot of testing of scale of work and materials and is currently exhibiting at the exclusive Five Palm Jumeirah resort and hotel in Dubai. Arturo successful applied for the Cockpit Arts/ Turners’ Company Award and joined the Cockpit studios in Deptford earlier in July.

“Arturo really impressed me in our first year of working together with his drive and energy to develop and refine his products and to test a variety of markets.” David Crump comments, “and I’m looking forward to seeing that progress continue now that he has joined our community.”

Read on to find out more about Arturo’s inspiration and making process of the award trophies.

Arturo Soto on making the Hermes’ Foot Trophies

 I feel so humbled, so thankful for this opportunity to design the trophies for an award that I received last year.

My inspiration came from the most ancient of awards, the laurel crown. A symbol of triumph and conquest, Hermes’ Foot symbolises hard work, passion and relentless force of will. For me, it evokes opportunity for these talented winners, to be confident, to be inspired by a symbol of their own talent.

It symbolizes hard work, passion and relentless force of will. When I accepted to design this award, I had no idea how to use metal, or how to make an award, all I knew was that I had to make it, and there won’t be anybody else capable of making it better than me. I knew that I had to learn to use metal in less than a week and design something I would be proud of. Sometimes you just have to say yes… but being the winner of this award, you know you can always say yes, because you have everything you need to accomplish your goals.

The award evokes opportunity for these talented winners, to be confident, to get inspired by a symbol of their own talent, a trophy in par with skills talents and capabilities. This trophy is a symbol of you can be sure everybody will take you into consideration when you enter the room and brag about your accomplishments. Now that I won the Cockpit Arts Turner award 2019, I never hesitate; my talent is unique, fuelled by immeasurable passion… I want the talented winners of this award to feel the same way.

Now that I’ve won the Cockpit Arts / Turner’s Company Award 2019, I won’t hesitate in being confident of my abilities and vision. I want the talented winners of this award in 2019 to feel the same way.

Thank you to the University of the Arts London and Cockpit Arts for this invaluable opportunity.

UAL Creative Enterprise Awards, designed and made by Arturo Soto.