29th December 2020

Darren Appiagyei is wood turner with an original vision and joined the Cockpit community in 2017, thanks to support from The Worshipful Company of Turners.

A dedicated and aspiring craftsman at the start of his creative career, Darren was able to access workshops, advice, mentoring and equipment to develop his talent. The support, space and time were all essential to help Darren grow his business.

Darren was clear that his first year at Cockpit should be all about developing the narrative and style in his work and used that time to focus on developing his craft skill and explains why support at the early stages is so important, “Once you graduate you’re in the big bad world without the support system or freedom to create that you had in education, nor do you have the machinery or expert knowledge that you get from technicians.”  Cockpit was there to offer the right support to help Darren pursue his passion and turn it into a sustainable business. Having enjoyed a lot of success at Cockpit’s Open Studios events, Darren tells us this gave an insight into his target audience as well as pricing.

As a largely self-taught wood turner, each vessel Darren makes is bespoke and, as he explains, “woodturning for me is about embracing a material, understanding its qualities and enhancing the intrinsic beauty of the wood, whether it will be a knot, the organic shape, or grain of the wood.”

His Award and participation in the Cockpit community have given him the platform to develop his skills and also to experiment with different methods and woods.

It has been wonderful to see Darren’s craft and profile develop, and to know the part Cockpit has played in supporting him. He is a wonderful ambassador for our community.

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