17th December 2020

Textile artist Onome Otite credits Cockpit Arts with putting some great opportunities in her path in the early stages of her career – and giving her the confidence to take them on. Now she is an established member of the Cockpit community, creating her own opportunities and giving back to emerging makers who are looking to emulate her success.

Onome creates handmade cards and figurative art illustrations and has built her business in just a few years, thanks to the support of the Cockpit Arts. While completing a business enterprise course with The Prince’s Trust she heard about Cockpit and the subsidised studio spaces and essential business support we offer to makers, including mentoring specific to craft. Of the subsidised space which she received for two years, Onome says “It’s given me the freedom to focus on my craft and my product, as well as the business side of things, without having to worry too much about paying the rent.”

Exhibitions, awards, collaborations and other opportunities have all helped to grow Onome’s confidence, bring her craft to a wider audience and her business is firmly established. She is a valued member of the Cockpit community, generously supporting others on their craft journey. During Cockpit Makers’ Market she teamed up with new maker Malaika Carr for an Instagram Live introduction which you can still see via @chalkjewellery.

Onome sees the value of the Cockpit in helping her to make the most of her talent: “It’s the great thing about being part of this community: everyone pushes each other on.”

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