22nd December 2020

As a self-taught jeweller with a hunger to learn her craft and the route to a successful business, Meron Wolde is something of an anomaly among Cockpit residents, most of whom studied their craft at university. She’s a metal artist and jewellery designer, who works with recycled gold and silver, has developed her skills and style through a combination of hands-on experience and personal inspiration.

In 2018, Meron secured The Arts Society Award for a two-year-funded studio space at Cockpit Arts. Propelled through our business support programme, she received individualised training in marketing and pricing her work and general business practice, gaining confidence and making contacts in the process. “I cannot stress how important Cockpit’s support has been, allowing me access to a vast network of leading artist-makers and funding that has allowed me creative freedom” she says.

Meron combines dramatic textures and contours in her work with simple shapes and materials, drawing on her upbringing in Sweden and her Eritrean roots. Her interest in jewellery was ignited by childhood visits to her Uncle’s goldsmithing workshop in Asmara, and solidified while she worked at ethnographic and contemporary art galleries in London, encountering a range of ancient and tribal jewellery – she continues to mend and restore metal jewellery today.

Meron is making the most of Cockpit’s partnership with The Arts Society and Cockpit Makers’ Market, to engage new audiences, secure commissions and raise her profile beyond our walls.

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