23rd December 2020

Joost Pasman is a leatherworker en-route to a strong and sustainable business thanks to time and support to develop his craft.

Generous three-year support from Cockpit Arts and The Leathersellers’ Company, including studio space and access to key equipment, has enabled Joost Pasman to establish his exciting business.

This Award has meant that Joost could spend time in his studio and work on his product development. Access to the Leather Hub at Cockpit in Deptford with shared machinery he couldn’t afford to invest in himself, has been instrumental in his taking on commissions and developing his work.

Joost credits the patience and support of the Cockpit coaching team as being essential to his success. He says a lot of his first year was spent researching as well as discovering his own practice, followed by a year to boil down an overload of ideas and now in this third year he is putting his products into the market. Cockpit’s twice annual Open Studios events have raised Joost’s profile bringing good sales and great contacts.

We’ve looked on in anticipation as he has refined his signature bag design ‘2ways2wear’ which uses an innovative two strap system so that it can be used as both a rucksack and shoulder bag.

Joost has shown particular resilience during the lockdown when he had to find different ways of creating revenue. He turned his interest in working with fabric into a new income stream by making and selling face masks.

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