21st February 2019

Judith Peterhoff graduated with a BA in Contemporary Jewellery from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, The Netherlands. After gaining eight years of invaluable experience in the jewellery trade in London, she set out and launched her own brand in 2016. In one of her most recent collections, ‘Skins’, Judith takes inspiration from the human form, showcasing the natural beauty in the characteristics which make us stand out; perceived imperfections are emphasized to celebrate individuality, such as the freckles on a face or the beauty mark on a cheek.

What was the main motivation behind your application to the LCN programme?
After two years of running my own business I felt like my strategy was all over the place. I knew that I wanted to run my own company, but felt lost and like I couldn’t tackle the areas I needed to work on by myself. The workshops I had done in the past were aimed at all sorts of business people and not bespoke to craft makers.  When I found out about the LCN programme at Cockpit, I immediately applied. I knew that this was the thing I needed to help me progress in my business. A programme designed for creatives to help me work on the areas of my business I’m not naturally good at, giving me the tools to become a better business woman.

What is the most useful advice or tip you’ve been given on the programme so far?
There have been so many tips from all the workshops, I couldn’t just pick one. However being a creative I’m not naturally good at finances. The finance workshops available through LCN really break it down to the basics. The workshops explain everything in a way that is very easy to understand and apply in my own time. Before these workshops I would be sitting at home looking at my spreadsheets felling more confused every time I tried to make sense of it. With the help of the Creative Finance workshops at Cockpit, I now know what I’m doing and am making much more efficient use of my time. I now also have the tools to interpret my finances and make cash flow forecasts and financial plans for the future. Also thanks to the Creative Bloc workshops I have found a great approach on how to tackle being stuck with my creative direction. The specialist advice for craft made me feel confident in what I am doing and clear on my next steps.

What new product, service, business system or projects are you introducing to your practice and why?
What I learned in the Creative Bloc workshops has given me the confidence to make several new larger statement pieces. The workshops made me more aware of the steps I need to take to translate my ideas into products. As well as making me realise that there was a gap in my product range for these larger scale pieces. I launched these new pieces at the Contemporary Craft Festival in Devon where they received good reviews and comment which has given me the assurance to continue working in this way.

What plans do you have after participating with LCN?
Following my time on the programme I am more focussed in the approach I want to take. I feel more confident to plan, make, market, research and experiment with materials. I plan to keep applying everything I have learnt on LCN, continuously reassessing my goals and objectives. My immediate next step is to review my website in line with my values and design aesthetic of my business. I am excited to take the next steps realising the creative vision the LCN has helped me develop.

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