16th January 2018

Cockpit is thrilled to announce that following on from our inaugural Ceramic Residency, which starts this month, funding has been secured to continue the Residency for a further 3 years.

The S.H.A Charitable Trust has generously pledged 3 years of support for the Residency, which will be renamed the Cockpit Ros Stracey Ceramic Residency from 2019-2021. The Trust has been set up in memory of sculptor Ros Stracey, who felt strongly that there was a need to provide support for artists in studios, a view we share.

We are excited to work with the S.H.A Trust to provide a unique development opportunity for a talented ceramicist to explore new ideas and concepts each year, providing the time and space for a maker to develop their work and ideas, as well as support to help create a sustainable business model or further accelerate an existing one.

We remain extremely grateful to the cohort of Patrons who funded the inaugural Award – Preston Fitzgerald, Sydney and Anne Levinson, Eric and Ginny Campus, Sarah and Gerard Griffin, Susan Charles, Janice Hosegood and anonymous donations. Cockpit also gratefully acknowledges the generosity and support of Rohde Kilns.

We want to take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to the 2018 Resident Victoria Andrew who moved into her Cockpit studio this month. Applications for the 2019 Residency will open in September 2018.

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