3rd April 2021

In our 2021 Cockpit Effect Report, we’ve featured six makers in case study stories, each illustrating different practices and experiences during 2020. We’ll share them all over the coming weeks.

Tamara Gomez – jeweller

What major things happened to you during the year?
I applied and was selected to take part in All That Glitters, where eight jewellers are pitted against each other in a purpose-built studio in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter to find Britain’s most talented jeweller. Filming happened during 2020 and the show is due to air spring 2021 on BBC2.

What challenges did you face?
Not being able to meet clients face to face was a challenge which I overcame with more video calls and phone calls and by generally spending more time keeping communications going between us. Not being able to visit suppliers to select stones was tricky, but again, we overcame this by using video calls

What successes did you have?
Summer 2020 was very good for business. I was kept very busy with bespoke orders and sales from my online shop. I was asked for a fair amount of engagement rings and wedding rings. This all really helped my business stay afloat.

What are you most proud of?
Surviving. I tried to maintain the same attitude before Covid: that I had a business to run and clients to keep happy.

What would you say was the benefit of being at Cockpit?
The support system we have is brilliant. There are people we can contact and talk to and seek advice from whether it is Cockpit’s team or fellow makers. It’s great having a place we can go to whenever we want – The fact that we have been able to access our studios during lockdown has been a Godsend.