10th December 2020

David Nicholls is a Canadian journalist who has lived in London for 25 years. He is currently deputy editor of House & Garden magazine and we were over the moon when he agreed to share his top picks of Cockpit makers and their work.

What a tease to be asked to create your fantasy shopping list, but we knew we’d love his choices!

Clearly seduced by Eleanor Lakelin‘s powerful pieces: “The organic, undulating surfaces of Eleanor’s vessels – particularly those made from blackened horse chestnut burr – demand to be touched. They are incredibly evocative pieces.”

When he spotted the work of Aimee Furnival of Another Studio he told us, “I’m a sucker for a bit of novelty oddness and usually have to rein myself in, but I know having these little fellas dangling from my jade plant would make me smile every day.”

Classic quality with a contemporary twist will always go down well with David: “I’m a big fan of Majeda Clarke‘s work and love how her colour palette brings a fresh take to a traditional Welsh blanket design.”

Spotting Jacob Monk‘s woven wall art on his website, David comments, “I’ve only recently got to know Jacob’s textile art and would love to own a piece. His Pride 2 piece in merino wool is beautiful.”

And something for the dining table David? “A teapot with six cups and saucers in a mix of colours, by Matthew Warner, would be very nice thank you. I find the shapes Matthew creates endlessly appealing.”


After 11 years as design editor of The Telegraph magazine where he was responsible for all things interior, David Nicholls joined House & Garden in 2015. As well as writing about many of the beautiful houses featured in the magazine, David also tackles lighter topics such as the social taboos of toilet design; he particularly enjoys covering wider issues affecting the design world, from the effects of Brexit to how Instagram is killing originality.


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