2nd December 2020

With an international, high-flying career in couture working for American Vogue, Vanity Fair and with brands such as Roland Mouret and Alice Temperly, Anna Garner has earnt her esteemed position in the fashion world. Founding The Garnered back in 2016, she has become renown for her eye for emerging talent, so we are thrilled to have her on board for #cockpitedit

Instantly spotting the originality of Richard McVetis and his hand embroidered cubes, Anna says: “Richard’s work reflect the passage of time and space which seems just so appropriate at the moment. I am fascinated by the intricacy of embroidery and Richard brings a really modern and contemporary touch to this time honoured skill.”

Another highlight for Anna is work by Alison Dickens: “Alison’s baskets are really unique in their form. I love the organic and ergonomic lines of her pieces. The very natural elements of the willow is somehow very comforting and as well as being beautiful objects in their own right, they are also very functional!”

More mentions on Anna’s dream gift list go to ceramicist Matthew Warner: “Matthew offers the perfect blend of a classical form with contemporary design. I love his elegant colour palette too – elevating an everyday cup of tea to a very special experience, something we need right now, making the small things and little rituals have meaning and purpose.”

Mica Hirasawa’s handwoven scarves also caught Anna’s eye: “Mica’s scarves are handmade from beautiful Italian or Scottish wools. Accessories are very much items that reflect your personal style and I think a handwoven scarf that is totally unique is the perfect way to show your individuality.” 

Michèle Oberdieck‘s sculptural glass forms are definitely on Anna’s list too – to gift or to keep though?! ” I love the way that Michèle uses colour with such subtle but striking effect. Glassware is gaining as much interest as ceramics and one of Michèle’s beautiful sculptural forms are perfect collector’s items.”

L-R Richard McVetis, Alison Dickens, Matthew Warner, Mica Hirasawa, Michele Oberdieck