18th November 2020

Exceptional times call for exceptional leadership: in place of the annual WISE (Women in Social Enterprise) 100 Awards, this year Pioneers Post asked readers to nominate women leading social enterprise and impact investing across the UK who have been showing Covid-19 who’s boss.

“The stories of these leaders who have shown agility, resilience and adaptability over the last few months will inspire many on their path towards rebuild and recovery.”

Cockpit is rightly proud to have our CEO Annie Warburton recognised in this illustrious group of women and you can read the article featuring Annie, in full, here.

Keeping both her own business and that of her makers afloat were not conflicting goals, though. “They’re two sides of the same coin,” says Warburton. “If we’re not putting our makers first and foremost in response to a crisis, we’re not doing our job. But obviously we need to stay solvent so we can exist for another 35 years.”


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