28th March 2019

The final post in our series of six articles on the London Creative Network (LCN) and professional development at Cockpit, looks at the type of expertise makers benefit from.

The support we offer makers at Cockpit takes a holistic approach, focusing equally on promoting creativity and business skills. As part of the LCN programme, we bring in a team of expert trainers to share the most up-to-date knowledge and tips on a vast range of topics. The Cockpit team also offers ongoing coaching in one-to-one sessions and ensures all support is maker-focused and adaptable.

As ceramic artist Cristina Lorenzet stated, “The programme being tailored to the creative industry made me feel the content was completely relevant to me .”

Jeweller Sally Vanderpump found the challenging nature of the sessions with the Cockpit team helped her become more ambitious and efficient: “The one-to-one mentoring has been a crucial part of the process; I’ve felt supported and encouraged but simultaneously challenged to think more ambitiously, and the sessions have helped me hold myself accountable for getting things done.”

And Fflur Owen, who creates hand-sculpted pieces with leather and other organic materials, says, “Having the support of the Cockpit team is so reassuring. I can’t imagine where I’d be without the constant support and backup.”

Makers also really enjoy the broad-ranging workshops with “exceptional teachers” as jeweller Sally Vanderpump puts it. Cockpit based ceramic artist Helen Johannessen had the following to say, “LCN offers professional, focused and relevant 21st century skills for creative practices. I feel privileged to have access to such an array of courses and have met lots of new peers to learn from.”

Emily Kidson who makes bold, colourful jewellery at her Cockpit studio states, “Cockpit has offered such a large number of highly relevant courses delivered free at the point of contact, allowing participants to pick and choose, offering one-to-one meeting and more focused group sessions. It has been so valuable.”

While Cockpit based textile weaver Majeda Clarke explains, “Often the seminars are on areas that I hadn’t even thought of, such as the last workshop I did on curating, which came just before my exhibition and gave me lots of ideas for setting up the show. To have such a range of workshops and support within one programme is incredibly helpful, and the advice I have received really has provided me with a platform to move forward in my business.”

Finally, Emily Kidson refers to Cockpit’ LCN programme as being “a brilliantly valuable programme that helped me take my creative practice to the next level.”

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Top – Emily Kidson in her studio; middle – pendants by Sally Vanderpump; bottom handwoven fabrics by Majeda Clarke, photo by Yeshen Venema