17th November 2020

Makers’ own films not only offer insights into their techniques and processes, they also convey a strong sense of their aesthetics and influences.  Not quite like being in the same room of course but at mostly just a few minutes each, they’re an entertaining and informative break with your afternoon coffee.

Amanda Ross
Film: Printing with Plants
Amanda explains why her printing process with plants is so special.
3mins 15

Emily Kidson
Film: Introducing Emily Kidson
A film for Goldsmiths’ Fair introducing Emily Kidson, as a first-time exhibitor, showing an insight into her Cockpit studio and her jewellery.
1min 49

Helen Johannessen
Short films from ceramic artist, Helen, where she explains her methods and intentions with her porcelain work.
max 2min 02

Onome Otite
Film: Black Art Matters
Pattern making with textiles workshop using negative shapes
19mins 25

Petra Bishai
Film: What Does That Do? Barrel Polisher
“When visiting my studio people often point to a piece of equipment and ask ‘What Does That Do’?  This is my second virtual tour on my jewellery studio this time showing my barrel polisher in action.  This short film shows the final stages of my popular production ‘Drop Seed Earrings’”
1min 59

Tessa Eastman
Film: London Craft Week’s Create Day for Cluster Crafts
This short film by Ahmad El Mad was produced over the Summer of 2020 with Ema Marinova, the Creative Director of Cluster Crafts, an organisation supporting professional practitioners. It features the artist in her studio and at Cluster’s headquarters for London Craft Week’s Create Day on 10th October 2020.
2mins 54

Karen Henriksen
Film: Autumn/Winter Collection
Something to make you smile … Introducing the women’s Autumn/Winter collection, as modelled by the Karen Henriksen team! The collection includes cloche hats, berets, brimmed hats and caps. Filmed at Cockpit.
1min 56