5th December 2018

Whether you’ve just launched your practice or you’re more established, having a studio at Cockpit Arts, with the support provided by our unique business incubator services, can help you to realise your creative and business goals and achieve greater success.

Applications for a place at Cockpit Arts can be made at any time and full details can be found here.

Several times a year, we offer Awards and Bursaries which support sponsored places. Part funded by our partner organisations, these offer subsidised business support and studio space for a year. There a currently three awards open for application and more details can be found below.

Cockpit’s London Creative Network Programme (LCN) is also now accepting applications.  This programme is a great way for makers not based at Cockpit to receive professional support to enable them to grow their creative businesses. Read on to find out more.

Awards at Cockpit Arts

We are delighted to announce that there are three Cockpit Arts Awards now open for applications.

The Cockpit Arts / Haberdashers’ Award
Open to makers working in knit to assist them to set up in business, this award comprises business support as well as subsidised studio space for one year.
Deadline: 8th January 2019. Further information.

The Cockpit Arts / Harriet’s Trust Award – New for 2019
For a talented maker working in any craft discipline with a commitment to high quality craftsmanship. This is a 3-year Award comprising of a fully subsidised place at Cockpit Arts in the first year, followed by a partially funded place for two further years.
Deadline is 10th January 2019. Further information.

The Cockpit Arts / Leathersellers’ Award
Open to talented makers who are seeking enterprise support to take their creative business to the next level. Winners will be required to develop new work where leather is a major constituent. Recipients will be awarded a match-funded place at Cockpit Arts Deptford for one year, with further financial support for up to 3 years on a sliding scale, by selection.
Applications accepted at any time. Further information.

Cockpit’s London Creative Network Programme

The LCN Programme at Cockpit Arts is a professional development programme designed to help craft makers to enhance their ability to advance their business – whether through new products and services, new ways of doing things, or both. It is unique in that it’s currently the only way that makers not based at Cockpit can access our business support free of charge.

Apply Here

Read more about the LCN Programme

Don’t delay – the deadline for this round is 4th January 2019


What makers have said about LCN …

“LCN was a great opportunity to get free advice relating to all areas of running a creative business. When you are an independent maker, you have to juggle many roles and it’s always good to have refreshers across every topic.” Beatrice Larkin

“I now have a clearer vision of where I would like to be in the near and long termAnne Laure Cano

“It’s a great resource for makers outside the Cockpit community. As your business grows you encounter all sorts of difficulties and it can be quite lonely working by yourself. So if you are a creative, why not tap into as many support resources as possible?” Josie Shenoy

Follow these links to read more from participants Tessa EastmanJiyun LapthornDavid Marques, and Sophie Stamp.


The London Creative Network is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).