6th September 2018

As a Social Enterprise we support talented makers by providing sponsored places at our incubators.

This month we are delighted to announce that there are five Cockpit Arts Awards open for applications.
All Awards comprise business support provided by Cockpit Arts as well as subsidised studio space for one year.

For further information and application forms, please visit Awards and Bursaries.

The Cockpit Arts Ros Stracey Ceramic Residency

Open to a ceramicist who has a strong desire to experiment and take risks with their practice; we are looking for makers who demonstrate originality, innovation, creativity, craft skill and quality in the work and concepts presented.
Closing date – noon, 5 October 2018

“Attending the introductory workshop series with other Awardees who are all new to Cockpit Arts has been a great introduction to various aspects of establishing our practices, and a nice chance to meet other makers in different disciplines.”
Victoria Andrew, Cockpit Arts Ceramic Resident 2018

The Cockpit Arts / The Worshipful Company of Basketmakers’ Award * NEW AWARD *

Open to a craftsperson practicing basket making; our aim is to welcome a basket maker to Cockpit Arts to grow as an independent maker and business owner.
Closing date – noon, 10 October 2018

“We are delighted to join with Cockpit Arts in facilitating this award for a Basketmaker.  Cockpit Arts has a proven track record in helping up and coming crafts people establish their businesses, many of which have gone on to become leaders in their field. As a Charity, linked to a craft Livery company, with a responsibility for helping and supporting emerging basketmakers, this is an opportunity we have long sought and are excited at the prospect now being offered to such a person.”
Christiane Gunzi, Trade Advisor to the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers

The Cockpit Arts / Radcliffe Craft Development Award

Open to a talented maker with a commitment to high quality craftsmanship, who demonstrates a clear need and commitment to developing their craft skill.
Closing date – noon, 12 October 2018

“It is very beneficial having a sense of community and being in a network of people in a similar circumstance with a craft background. The workshops are extremely helpful and the one-to-one sessions are invaluable as I start up my business.”
Hannah Refaat, Cockpit Arts / Radcliffe Craft Development Awardee 2018

The Cockpit Arts / Worshipful Company of Woolmen Award * NEW AWARD *

Open to a maker working primarily with wool textiles aiming to develop their craft practice and business.
Closing date – noon, 19 October 2018

The Cockpit Arts / Leathersellers’ Award

Open to talented makers working with leather who are seeking business development support to take their creative business to the next level.
Applications accepted at any time.

“The Award has enabled me to make important links with other makers in the leather industry, while also putting me in touch with potential customers. Furthermore, the Award is an important endorsement which gives my work additional credibility to potential new customers, which is vital to a new business.”
Mariano Palencia Crespo, Cockpit Arts / Leathersellers’ Awardee 2018