27th April 2017

Artist, jeweller, choreographer – and Performance of Craft Award winner – Sarah Warsop, debuts her new film ‘Liminal’.

Sarah Warsop, jeweller, choreographer and winner of the inaugural Cockpit Arts’ Performance of Craft Award in 2016 has released her new short film ‘LIMINAL’.

As a jeweller and choreographer, Sarah creates wearable moments in time, capturing in precious metals the complexities and characteristics of time.  Liminal has been created with the support of The Artisa Foundation and in collaboration with filmmaker Deborah May. It draws on Sarah’s interest in drawing and music to create pieces of choreography; in this case focusing on the making body – hands, arms, upper body, and drawing attention to transitional, transformational space where the processes to make one kind of work can be used to make a different kind of work.

In its literal sense, ‘liminal’ refers to a transitional or initial stage of a process, often occupying both sides of a boundary or threshold. This is perfectly articulated in Sarah’s statement about this current exploratory period of her work: ‘Arresting time through a work of dance, jewellery or drawing reveals the complexities and characteristics of the moving body. Each piece is a moment for reflection, for looking and seeing, and a springboard for future exploration. By collaborating, in this case with a film maker, each person can bring his or her particular knowledge and experience to the project.  Information and ideas can be pooled creating an environment where unfamiliar questions can be asked, new processes tried and unexpected outcomes reached.’   Sarah elaborates: ‘This was the first time I’ve gone from drawing to movement – retrograde for me. Previously, I have always begun with movement and lead to object. As a maker I rarely land in a finished place with a finished product. Something in one medium is the beginning or leads to another.’

Performance of Craft Award

The Performance of Craft Award is sponsored by The Artista Foundation and was devised in close collaboration with Adriana Paice, the Foundation’s curator and trustee, in response to craft business incubator Cockpit Arts’ aim to communicate stories about the concepts and ideas that form the basis of craft created by artist-makers. Sarah Warsop won the Award in 2016 following a call for applications from makers based at Cockpit Arts’ two incubator centres in London. This is the first time that Sarah has collaborated with a filmmaker to realise her ideas.

The  ‘Performance of Craft Award’ follows the launch of Cockpit’s first Artist-Maker Residency in 2016, sending a strong signal that Cockpit Arts  is not only concerned with product and ‘commercial’ business development, but also with creativity and concepts as a means of developing artistically and within a sustainable business model. The Award comprised a cash sum to realise her proposed performance piece as well as in-house coaching tailored to support Sarah to develop a sustainable practice.  She also received specialist mentoring from Adriana Paice and Julia Lancaster of ACME Studios.

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