Can't find what you are looking for? These are questions we are frequently asked by makers.


1. Who can have a studio at Cockpit Arts?

2. Do I have to make all of my work?

3. What does Cockpit Arts mean by artist-maker?

4. I’m a fine artist/sculptor/photographer/product designer/illustrator. Can I get a studio?

5. I’m a fashion designer. Can I apply for a place?

6. How does Cockpit Arts select makers?


1. How can I get an application form?

2. How long does the application process take?

3. Is there a waiting list?

4. What information do I need to provide in the application form?

5. What if my application is rejected ?


1. What is a craft business incubator?

2. What are the compulsory elements?

3. How do you know that incubators work?

4. What support resources and services do you give at Cockpit Arts?

5. I am a start-up. How can an Incubator help me?

6. I am an established maker. How can an Incubator help me?

7. Can I attend workshops or seminar if I don’t have a studio at Cockpit Arts?

8. Can I have one-to-one business coaching if I don’t have a studio at Cockpit Arts?

9. Can I show at Open Studios if I don’t have a studio at Cockpit Arts?


1. What are the studios like at Cockpit Arts?

2. Where are you based?

3. What office facilities and resources do you provide?

4. Do you provide equipment for making?

5. Can I have a studio without other Incubation benefits?

6. Can I get a single studio?

7. How long can I have a studio for? Is there an exit policy?

8. What are the studio terms, i.e. notice to leave?

9. What is the difference between the incubators in Deptford and Holborn?


1. How much does a studio at Cockpit Arts cost?

2. Do the studio rates ever increase?

3. What other charges are there?

4. Are studios at Cockpit Arts less expensive than other studios?

5. Can I have a subsidised studio?

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