Ute Decker

Ute Decker

unique pieces as well as editioned series

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""jewellery that makes a powerful statement" - Financial Times

Ute Decker won international acclaim for jewellery that is as much sculpture as body adornment.

Her pieces are described as “a powerful statement” that “sets a shining ethical example” (Financial Times). The Economist 1848 compares her “avant-garde sculptural pieces” to “swirling sculptures” while Christie’s simply calls them “wearable works of art”.

Ute's work is exhibited internationally by such renowned art jewellery galleries as Didier Ltd and Elisabetta Cipriani and found in several notable private and public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum.

One of the first in the world to champion Fairtrade Gold, Ute selects only the finest sustainable materials, either 100% recycled silver or Fairtrade gold sourced from the small artisanal mining cooperatives to hand-craft her unique pieces of jewellery.

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The work of Ute Decker is suggestive of an architectural language playing with volume, space and movement until the choreography of the clean geometric lines and the dynamic curvatures are distilled into an evocative construction.

metalwork and silversmithing

Ute creates medium to larger scale sculptural pieces and is happy to discuss commissions.