Ula Saniawa

Ula Saniawa

Hand pinched porcelain installations and vessels


Vulnerability and imperfections are infinitely inspiring to me. Through accumulation of elements with individual characters, I want to evoke the feeling of memories and experiences that shape us

Ula is a ceramic artist behind unit89, whose personal inquiry in emotional human connection through materiality led to exploring an innate clash of perfection and imperfection. Working in hand-built unglazed porcelain she develops additive processes of accumulation of gestures, materials and elements which lead to a series of pieces created through the same process, but with each being completely unique though different material response and slight variation of gestures. Observing the resulting installations of vessels or small-scale elements is meant to evoke a sense of conversation between them, emphasizing simultaneously the similarities in their differences and differences in their similarities.
Through a background in Architecture (Architectural Association, London Metropolitan University) Ula creates pieces with an intrinsic relationship to the space they inhabit.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/07/2019 - 30/06/2020
    The Cockpit Arts / Clear Insurance Award 2019


furniture and lighting

site specific and art led