Tessa Eastman

Tessa Eastman

Otherworldly, glazed ceramic sculptures tied to earth's patterns


The strange otherworldliness of natural phenomena transports me away from the mundane and I become excited when fixed ceramic form seems alive, evoking awareness of life’s transience.

Tessa Eastman is a ceramist with over twenty year's experience of working in clay. Her dynamic work is at the vanguard of the British contemporary ceramic art scene and she has impressed many with her originality, skill and above all with a daring new approach to the art form. Tessa’s meticulously hand built cloud bundles and complex crystal formations appear curiously alive with movement. She explores the strangeness of growth of natural phenomena where systems flow and digress from an intended pattern. She subsequently attempts to translate her findings in colourful glazed ceramics. Grouping her works highlights the contrast and creates a dialogue between pieces whereby interior space is valued as much as the exterior. While creating, she looks for differences such as geometry and irregularity. Calling herself a modeller at heart, it is through sensitivity to form and glaze that her pieces become animated.
Tessa on film: https://tessaeastman.com/about/on-film/



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 31/01/2017 -
    London Creative Network Professional Development Programme


Tessa is committed to the challenge of hand-building in clay, using traditional techniques to create complex ceramic sculptures. Each piece is unique, no two are ever alike.


Tessa's hand-held miniature ceramic sculptures are perfect for the unusual and special gift. A piece can be tailored to specific requirements.