Sarah Warsop

Sarah Warsop

Sarah is a jeweller and choreographer working in precious metal and rough stones


As a jeweller and choreographer, I create wearable moments in time, capturing in precious metal the complexities and characteristics of human movement.

Sarah is a jeweller and choreographer. She has danced professionally for over 25 years with Rambert Dance company and Siobhan Davies Dance before completing an MA at St Martins in Jewellery. She now works on capturing movement in metal.
When choreographing, she reaches beyond shape and form to investigate what drives a certain set of movements. When making jewellery, she works to contain these particular movement qualities within her objects, arresting time to take a closer look at the intricacies of dance, usually so fleeting.
Using a dynamic drawing process, she captures the essence of the movement onto paper, and from these drawings she forges directly into precious metals to maintain a sense of rhythm, direction, speed and flow within the final piece.
In 2012/13 she was jeweller in residence at The British Library researching graphic music scores, making a series of large charcoal drawings and jewellery called 'Body 30'57"'

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Sarah's jewellery in 18t gold, silver and rough stones is drawn from her work in choreography and dance. She creates wearable moments in time.

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Using a dynamic drawing process, Sarah captures the essence of human movement and choreography onto paper. These drawings become the designs for her jewellery pieces.