Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones

Fine jewellery specialising in bespoke gold alloys


Rachel is a jeweller and goldsmiths specialising in blending bespoke gold alloys to create 'Spectrum' Gold.

Over the past decade, Rachel has gained experience in many aspects of the jewellery industry from working for notable jewellers Lin Cheung, Ruth Tomlinson, Mark Nuell and Romilly Saumarez Smith to teaching and consulting at Bishopsland Educational Trust.

Since graduating in 2018 from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art, Rachel has continued to research and experiment with gold in order to create bespoke colours and alloys of gold.

Rachel creates one-of-a-kind pieces made from her own alloyed gold combined with special hand selected gemstones.

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Rachel is a fine jeweller specialising in bespoke pieces working directly with clients.


Rachel specialises in bespoke wedding rings and jewellery.