Petra Bishai

Petra Bishai

Precious metal jewellery and objects inspired by urban life.

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I use a combination of non-traditional techniques alongside established jewellery skills to create my pieces.

Petra’s work is inspired by urban life reflecting her fascination with living in a large city. Her collections explore the paradox of belonging versus alienation and how we adapt and interact with our surroundings. Petra considers London life and the transitions that occur in her cultural environment. Her observations are translated into work that uses everyday objects to reflect everyday life and how we fit into the scheme of things.

Petra’s Cardinal Points collection is inspired by the perceived cultural differences between north and south London. The work uses the imagery of London’s river Thames. The river acts as both the heart of the city and its line of separation. Can the north ever learn to love the south or will the water always divide us?

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Petra uses a combination of traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques: including staples and stapling; nylon and knotting.

metalwork and silversmithing

Petra has created a number of works which can worn or displayed in the home


Petra designs bespoke wedding and engagement rings for women and men in a range of materials.

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Petra designs and makes a range of jewellery for men