Olivia Creber

Olivia Creber

Beautiful organic jewellery, handcrafted in London


I love making unique and intricate pieces which incorporate elements of nature with a little romance...

'A world of her own: there’s magical thinking in Olivia Creber’s landscape-informed jewels'

Olivia graduated in 2016 with a MA from the prestigious Royal College of Art, and previously received a First Class Honours degree from Edinburgh College of Art. She creates handcrafted textural jewellery, deriving from a fascination with the natural world, focusing on the irregularities and organic behaviours of our coastlines and ever changing landscapes.

The encrustation of stones and crystals becomes a new surface that connects you to the piece, and the inspired landscape to the wearer. Creating twisted, oversized pieces with organic clusters of uncut stones erupting from delicate layers of precious metals.

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Using multiple techniques such as electroforming, all of Olivia's pieces are one of a kind and use a combination of precious metals, organic elements and unusual stones. Please contact Olivia directly for commissions.


Olivia offers an international bespoke service that produces special one of a kind pieces. Working on a one to one basis with her clients, Olivia aims to produce exquisite jewellery that captures your vision perfectly.

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As well as a new collection of cufflinks, Olivia is also available to create bespoke designs.

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Many of Olivia's previous collections featured a combination of hand poured resin, organic materials and silver.