Niza Huang

Niza Huang

Raw-sophisticated jewellery that bridges the gap in between fashion and craft.


I focus on using materials in a different way. By combining my Industrial background into jewellery making, it allows me to think and observe things from different angles. 

Niza Huang is the namesake jewellery brand from Taiwan-born designer and maker Niza Huang. Each collection reflects Niza's rich imagination and passion, equally inspired by our inner world and what exists around us.

Niza has built up a unique portfolio with her expert use of texture and organic forms, celebrating natural and using uncut crystals.

Though her pieces are fashion orientated, there is a highly researched story behind every design, giving each consumer a piece of wearable sculpture.

Niza creates raw-sophisticated jewellery, that bridges the gap in between fashion and craft. The unique pieces are handcrafted from precious metals and stones with distinct style and commitment to quality.

The brand spans from expensive event wear or bridal pieces with high values stones to lower cost fashion items. Each piece is carefully crafted, with a unique identity as the personality for people who seek to express themselves of what they believe in and what they stand for.

jewellery non precious

I created my own technique using very thin metal to shape the form.


I provide a unique bespoke service and highly customised design.

jewellery precious

For the Petroleum collection, I used petroleum. I
allowed the petroleum to solidify and encased it in the glass.

products for men

I create jewellery for both men and women

jewellery precious

I experiment with materials to create the interesting texture and forms.