Michele Oberdieck

Michele Oberdieck

Biomorphic contemporary blown glass vessels using a distinctive colour palette.


Capturing colour and form to create movement, and character.

Inspired by natural forms and organic structures, Oberdieck explores balance and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour, using the vessel as both a vehicle and canvas by which to examine these qualities.
In some pieces, pattern is introduced using Graal as a technique, by cutting through layers of colour, interweaving light and shadow.
When reblown the marks become fluid, and sometimes distorted, creating a watery effects.

Through her practice as an artist and designer in printmaking, painting and textiles, colour has been a major source for Oberdieck’s work.
Mirroring the soft organic lines created when molten colour bleeds into the other with a biomorphic form. These moody, soft ethereal colour bleeds and the depths they create, are reminiscent of artists such as Emil Nolde, and Mark Rothko.

The shapes of the vessels enhance both the qualities of the glass medium, and the free tonal movement of colour; inciting moods and memories.

furniture and lighting

Organically inspired blown glass pendant lights.
The Oria collection is based on softly shaped forms reminiscent of blossoms, and hanging fruit.
With a 20’s feel to them in their simplicity, the diffused light feels ethereal.

textiles art led

Commissioned for a residence in Kensington. The idea behind it was to bring some of the garden life back into the home. The floral and leaf imagery have been screen printed onto hand dyed silk organza and fused between glass.


Blown glass vessels, studies in colour, are inspired by biomorphic forms found in plant growth, and organic structures. The expressive twists and turns away from symmetry create a fluidity, showing movement in the piece.