Melanie Bartheidel

Melanie Bartheidel

Designer, printmaker and embroiderer

Gradient Crossstitch by Melanie Bartheidel, Photo: Liz Seabrook
Backview of CMYK Embroideryby Melanie Bartheidel, Photo: Liz Seabrook
Blackwork by Melanie Bartheidel, Photo: Liz Seabrook
Silk Satin Stitch by Melanie Bartheidel, Photo: Liz Seabrook


I explore the creative intersections between graphic design, printmaking and embroidery. Inspired by the random beauty of digital glitches, I translate screen-based designs into intricate pieces.

In her practice, Mel aims to emulate and re-contextualise the principles of graphic design (colour theories, print processes and pattern) using thread. Mixing colours, by layering threads, to create new colours.

She starts by creating each design digitally, then transposes the design onto a grid that aligns with the fabric and finally she creates the pattern with different threads. This process means she can recreate the stitched designs exactly to the size they are created on screen. The stitching itself is the most time-consuming as she re-creates the pattern, pixel by pixel onto the fabric, but it’s also the most rewarding.

For each design, Mel also produces a print. The techniques for creating these vary from wood cut, silk screen to giclee print.

textiles art led

Colourful, hand-sewn embroideries inspired by digital illustrations