Majeda Clarke

Majeda Clarke

luxury woven fabrics using traditional techniques


I am fascinated by the act of making cloth. It connects me to a long line of weavers whose tradition is vanishing in a world of mass production. Weaving can tell stories and sustain local communities.

Majeda Clarke is an award winning Artist specialising in weave. By playing with strong colour inspired by her cultural background, Majeda brings a modern aesthetic to an ancient craft. She is intrigued by the imperfections in hand woven fabric, the faded histories embedded in cloth and has written widely on the subject.

She works closely with local communities such as UNESCO Jamdani weavers of Dhaka, renewing ancient techniques. Majeda's mill woven pieces also explore a lost weaving heritage which can be traced back generations.

A Clothworkers' Awardee, Majeda has won several awards including New Designers, the British Muslim Award and The SDC Judges Highly Commended award for colour. She has been selected by the Crafts Council for Hothouse and by 100% Design in their 100% Forward award. She has exhibited at the LDF, The Aram Gallery, Mint Gallery, the CAA and other galleries. Majeda is a member of the Crafts Council, Design Nation and CAA and has gained much press interest.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 02/01/2017 - 15/09/2017
    Crafts Council Hothouse
  • 01/07/2016 - 01/07/2018
    Clothworkers' Foundation Award


Majeda creates luxury blankets and cushions for interiors. Her blankets are pure lambswool and woven in a traditional Welsh mill. She also creates bespoke sheer hand woven panels for walls and windows.

textiles art led

Majeda creates beautiful hand woven and hand dyed woven art for interiors. She can create specially commissioned pieces or choose from a selection of framed pieces

fashion and accessories

Majeda's delicate hand woven scarves have been celebrated in World of Interiors magazine and The Wall St. Journal. Each scarf is unique, woven on a traditional bamboo pit loom by UNESCO World Heritage weavers in Dhaka.