Lucy McGrath

Lucy McGrath

Unique hand marbled paper goods & gifts


I love the element of randomness in marbling - you can mix the colours, but once you've dropped them onto the size, you have to relinquish control and simply guide the patterns as they appear.

Designer-maker Lucy McGrath uses methods that have barely changed for centuries. A form of print-making where each sheet is completely unique, paper marbling had its heyday in the nineteenth century where it was commonly used for book endpapers.

Lucy aims to breathe a new life into marbling, experimenting with modern colours and techniques to inspire a digital age.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/09/2016 - 31/08/2017
    NADFAS / Cockpit Arts 2016

stationery and book art

Lucy uses her original hand-marbled papers on the covers of her hand-bound journals & sketchbooks. The organic fluidity of the marbled patterns is complemented by beautiful ivory-toned pages. Each one is completely unique.


Lucy is passionate about pushing the boundaries of marbling beyond its traditional associations with books. Her striking planet-like ceramic baubles are perfect for a craft-lovers Christmas tree.


Bespoke colours and patterns are developed in collaboration with the client, to produce unforgettable wedding stationery and one-off-a-kind wedding albums and guestbooks.

products for men

A well-crafted notebook or journal is an integral part of the creative gent's inventory. With plenty of traditional or bright patterns to choose from, monograms or names can be foiled onto the front to add a personal touch.