Kelvin J Birk

Kelvin J Birk

Creator of contemporary jewellery and objects in precious metals and gemstones.


My work consists of valuable metals and gemstones, which are ruthlessly deconstructed and then reconstructed to create dynamic jewellery and objects.

Graduating in Goldsmithing at the Berufsfachschule fuer Glas und Schmuck a German college whose teaching is highly infulenced by Bauhaus design and Philosophy. Kelvin took his MA in Silversmithing and Jewellery (awarded with distinction) from the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art in 1997.

To create his innovative body of work - sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones are smashed and then reconstructed on precious metal structures. These ‘stones’ may also be used alongside whole gems to create dynamic jewellery.

As Kelvin's work can be commissioned - unworn items of jewellery can be re-used, giving them new life and wearability.

Since 2017 Kelvin is also co-founder, co-director and tutor at K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery based at Cockpit Arts Holborn


I'm a Make It participant

Make It offers London-based makers aged 16-26 space and support to build their own craft-based business.

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Some Kelvin's jewellery pieces are carefully planned and designed and others evolve naturally from the intrinsic qualities of the material.

metalwork and silversmithing

Contemporary Silverware is often combined with concrete in Kelvin's collection.


Kelvin works to commission. If desirable unworn items of jewellery can even be re-used, giving wedding jewellery an additional personal charm.