Karen Henriksen

Karen Henriksen

Tailored hats for everyday elegance


Creative design, innovation and the craft of millinery are at the heart of every design, made to be loved everyday.

While studying at the Royal College of Art, Karen’s experiments with asymmetric pattern-cutting led to her re-interpretation of a traditional English icon, the flat cap. She has since revisited many other everyday classic styles such as the peaked cap, the fedora and the beret.

Presenting both men’s and women’s collections each season at Premiere Classe (Paris), her hats are instantly recognisable, striking a carefully considered balance between innovation and accessibility.

With every hat made in the London studio, both regular and new wearers are inspired not only by the original designs, but by that distinctly comfortable fit only found in handmade items.

fashion and accessories

Women’s collections include re-imaginings of classic styles such as the flat cap, fedora, beret and cloche, always beautifully finished and thoughtfully designed.

products for men

Classic hat shapes (such as flat caps, brimmed hats) made distinctive through design and expert tailoring. Made in an extraordinarily wide range of head sizes for that perfect fit.