Judith Peterhoff

Judith Peterhoff

Delicate clusters meet textured surfaces, celebrating imperfections.


I want to make people proud of their differences, because I think we should celebrate them – rather than all look the same. I’m celebrating our quirks as humans.

Judith Peterhoff’s jewellery explores perceived imperfections, celebrating our individual quirks as human beings. Moles, freckles, port wine stains, these marks are beautiful and make us unique. Judith’s jewellery is formed of classic circular shapes and organic forms with the additions of delicate clusters and textured surfaces, creating a dappled, organic aesthetic. She plays with contrasting finishes, matt and polished surfaces sit alongside each other to add depth and individuality to her pieces.
Judith’s jewellery is consciously designed and made combining traditional gold- and silversmithing techniques with modern technology. Judith only works with local, reputable suppliers who share her values of ethical, environmentally conscious and recycled production. She is fairtrade foundation registered and works on commission in fairtrade gold.

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Judith's jewellery plays with perceived imperfections creating a dappled, organic aesthetic.


Judith creates a range of beautiful engagement and wedding rings made from precious metals. Delicate necklaces and earrings for the special day can be commissioned.