Joy BC

Joy BC

Artist Goldsmith. Conceptual Fine Jewellery and Objet D'art.


I am an Artist-Goldsmith working predominantly in Noble Metals and bronze. My work has been described as both wearable artwork and miniature sculpture.

Joy’s work is currently owned by an international clientele of private collectors. She has been commissioned to create pieces for museums both in the U.K. and abroad. Joy, a native of London, was profoundly influenced from an early age by the artistry of her parents: her mother, a painter and lithographer; her father, a sculptor. Joy’s art education focused intensively on painting, drawing and carving, enhanced by a deep appreciation of art within historical and social contexts. Joy BC received her undergraduate degree from the Glasgow School of Art and her M.A. from the Royal College of Art in London. She has also held two residencies in Japan. The first was in Tokyo, working under the tutelage of master craftsmen Sensei (teacher) Ando and Sensei Kagaeyama, experts in Damascus steel and metal casting. She subsequently was awarded a research fellowship to Japan’s oldest school of art, in Kyoto, where she was taught the ancient art of urushi by renowned Urushi Artists.

jewellery precious

Joy BC is a trained Goldsmith working mostly in noble metals, such as 22ct gold, 18ct gold, 925 sterling and 999 fine silver. Joy uses precious gemstones of the highest quality which are responsibly sourced.

metalwork and silversmithing

Larger works in a variety of metal alloys are available from Joy BC.


Joy BC offers a full bespoke range of wedding, ceremonial and engagement rings, using traditional and contemporary techniques.

other crafts

Both a goldsmith and sculptress, Joy BC is a master carver in the art of lost wax casting and coloured patination. Objects d'art such as the 'Medusa' bronze combs and the 'Hypatia/Saint Catherine' brooch are amongst these.