Nette' Leather Goods

Nette' Leather Goods

Personal and beautifully made collection of leather goods and small accessories.


My style of bags are; Nostalgic, traditional and functional.

Use traditional shapes as reference, but not by replication. Instead reinventing these shapes into new modern bags.

Nette’ is a leather goods company created from the talents of Californian Johnette’ Taylor. Trading in London since 2010, from a small market in East London. Johnette’ has taken the inspiration from America and life in London to create a personal and well-made collection of leather goods and small accessories.

Johnette’ started sewing from a young age, which grew into a passion for designing. This lead her to study fashion, gaining degrees from the London College of Fashion and the Fashion Institute of Merchandising in Los Angles. After her studies she focused her attention on the leather craftsmanship, how products are made, and how they can impact on people’s lives. Her plans were to make products without cutting corners, by focusing on details that make a difference in the quality of a product. From these pieces of work Nette’ was created.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/01/2012 - 01/01/2013
    Cockpit Arts / Radcliffe Craft Award
  • 01/09/2011 - 01/09/2012
    Cockpit Arts/ Creative Careers Program

fashion and accessories

Nette’ leather goods are handcrafted, sustainable products using locally sourced leathers and fittings used in every accessory. Each product is designed and made by Johnette’, which means no bag is the same.