Jiyun Lapthorn / fronte / fronté

Jiyun Lapthorn / fronte / fronté

fronté womenswear - re-engineered classics


Fronté lives through an ongoing lifelong search for good designs that are clever, useful and beautiful.

Fronté is a London-based womenswear brand established in 2016 by Jiyun Lapthorn.

“I make elegant, minimal and versatile clothing for modern women who are independent, strong and original to express their own style.

I create clothes, not fashion, as I consider well-designed and useful clothes are tools for life. Beyond the comfort and functionality, I am making truly transformable pieces that are effortlessly elegant and will adapt throughout your day. It is all about the construction; the clever way it’s built.

All my garments are made in London supporting local businesses, and use the best fabrics that age well; often containing fair trade and organic fibres like bamboo and eucalyptus.

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Fronté makes pieces of elegant and utilitarian clothing that are comfortable to wear, but also quietly stand out from the crowd with timeless beauty.