Jacqueline Cullen

Jacqueline Cullen

Specialising in lapidary based jewellery in Whitby jet and stone.


Exuberantly rebellious jewellery with a darkly seductive and elemental energy….

Imagine a placid sky ripped open by a slash of lightning. A volcano erupting. A cliff edge left jagged from erosion. Take an intergalactic flight through colliding asteroids, comets tails and neon dust.
Jacqueline Cullen conjures a realm where the forces of nature unleash a luxurious cascade of bubbling gold, and glittering diamonds burst forth with a darkly seductive and elemental energy.
A world of exuberantly dramatic, rebellious jewellery with a classic but edgy glamour….

Featured in Vogue UK, Spain, Brazil and Italy, Harpars Bazaar, Elle, Tatler, Financial Times and Vanity Fair amongst others and worn by Helena Bonham Carter. Jacqueline recently received a Goldsmiths' Career Catalyst grant to do in depth training in gem and stone cutting. She is also a finalist in the HCA Made in Britain award (winner announced October).

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Hand carved Whitby jet
Stone cutting and carving - lapidary