Hannah Bedford

Hannah Bedford

Jewellery design using the traditional process of granulation.


My collections are inspired by the ocean and organic growth patterns in the natural world. I use granulation to create raised, textured surfaces that entwine each piece.

Hannah Bedford is one of the leading makers of contemporary jewellery using the ancient art of granulation. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in her studio, where Hannah also works with clients, to create beautiful bespoke commissions.

For over a decade Hannah has pushed the technical and creative boundaries of the granulation process. Influenced by the ocean and organic growth patterns - she has explored ever more complex and intriguing ways to texture and entwine surfaces with handcrafted granules. Granulation encaptures precious stones and interlaces between surfaces, linking necklaces and bangles, embellishing delicate earrings and weaving across engagement and wedding rings.

After graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery with a first class honours degree, Hannah was selected for prestigious Bishopsland Educational Trust and South Hill Park Arts Centre residencies. Her jewellery has been exhibited nationally and she has been represented in international craft shows.

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Hannah's jewellery designs explore texture and form using the traditional process of granulation.


Working in precious metals, Hannah creates a range of women’s jewellery, from intricate necklaces to bespoke engagement and wedding rings.