Francisca Prieto

Francisca Prieto

Artist exploring conceptual three-dimensional configurations


Each of work is constructed through a considered process and it is through this reorganisation I convey new narratives and meaning, beginning a powerful dialogue between the parts and the whole.

Francisca’s work pushes the boundaries of reinterpretation. She is interested in the intrinsic characteristics of an object – its very essence and identity – looking to recreate it through the appropriation of its fundamental nature. The conceptual analysis and structural principles of her practice emerge primarily through three-dimensional configurations, with every angle or fold pointedly considered for its potential to reveal.

The on-going body of work ‘Between Folds’ explores pages that can no longer tell their story: old or rare damaged books, discarded ephemera, even the Wills of the long-dead. Francisca carefully collects this material to the aim of its representation – uncovering hidden detail, that would otherwise go unseen, and reviving the beauty of forgotten techniques.

Her work is collected internationally by private clients and features in public collections including the National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate Gallery and the British Library.


site specific and art led

Each of Francisca's artworks not only reads up close – exposing details between folds – but from afar, with shadows of colour or pattern creating shapes or symbols.


Francisca has created a series of 10 limited edition prints inspired by the origins of the contemporary Latin alphabet which make an original wedding gift.