Francesca Miotti

Francesca Miotti

hand-weaver, textile artist and designer


Through hand-weaving I combine materials' natural sensory and sculptural properties.
I try to embody people's physical responses and reactions by including potential interactive features in my work.

Francesca works with hand-weaving as a medium to be included in several contexts, moving away from the usual idea of cloth and using the technical restrictions of the process to allow a more conscious experience with materials and their qualities.
By including interactive features in her work through the use of surface, structure and construction, she is interested in the involvement of people’s senses with textiles.
She uses a variety of weaving and traditional hand-finishing techniques, as well as basketry, to combine paper yarns and different fibers, focusing on their structural qualities.
She previously collaborated with a Reggio Emilia Approach nursery, gathering inspiration from the natural responses of children towards materials and textile techniques, which has lead to develop further research on the potential of the practice in an early education context.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/09/2020 - 31/08/2021
    Cockpit Arts / Clothworkers Company

textiles art led

toys and products for children