Emily Kidson

Emily Kidson

Striking jewellery design exploring colour and materials


I love areas of immense detail but also the clear uncluttered spaces around them. I make work which strives to find a balance between the two.

Emily Kidson is an award-winning contemporary jeweller whose layered, intuitively designed jewels marry bold materials with traditional craftsmanship.

Emily is known for her use of laminate and wood with sterling silver. Colour is central to her work and is the backdrop to a minimal, modern aesthetic with areas of intricate detail.

Her inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, whether a quickly-captured image or the careful contemplation of a painting. Nature, art and architecture are particular influences.

After graduating from the University of Brighton with a degree in Three Dimensional Crafts, Emily spent a year at the prestigious Bishopsland Educational Trust. She took a diversion and became an art librarian before returning to making 10 years later. Since then she has exhibited widely across the UK and increasingly internationally.

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Emily creates colourful jewellery by combining bold materials with traditional craftsmanship.