Elna-Marie Fortune

Elna-Marie Fortune

Decorative Hand-Weaver Exploring The Possibilities


Creativity is Key-I am Intrigued by using a balance of Neutral and Dyed yarns combined to create a piece which has a character which can be translated into existence and an extension of oneself.

Elna-Marie is a Textiles Designer specialise in Woven Textiles who studied at the University For Creative Arts. She has always been interested in textiles since she was a child seeing her grandma's patchwork tapestries to using her mum's sewing machine from when she was young. Throughout her work, she has experimented with a mixture of different techniques and material to find out more about herself as a designer. She stays open with her work and can end up whether it's for Fashion or Interior until she can see where her samples are heading. This all acts as her blank canvas until she pieces everything together.


I'm a Make It participant

Make It offers London-based makers aged 16-26 space and support to build their own craft-based business.

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It has been incredible useful to be able to achieve the colour you're after on your chosen yarn to be able to have such unique approach to ones work.