Dovile Bertulyte

Dovile Bertulyte

Evocative, imaginative contemporary jewellery handmade in London

dovile b gold tourmaline ring
dovile b gold branch earrings
dovile b gold rotating ring
dovile b gold choker pendant


I make jewellery that feels a bit rough, free spirited and wild. It’s the opposite of pristine and perfection

Dovile's jewellery is raw, organic and roaming free, but also fine and sophisticated. Inspired by the beauty of rough natural forms and patterns found through her travels. From meadows and valleys, mountain tops and ocean bottoms, inspiration is transferred work through an array of vibrant colours, intricate patterns and tactile textures. Each piece is like tiny and intimate wearable sculptures. Designed for people who are content with their lives and are in peace with their surroundings.
A lot of Dovile's work inspiration comes from her childhood. When growing up she spent all her summers in rural part of Lithuania, surrounded by nature and forests. Spending most of her time outside, be it foraging, fishing or helping grandparents in the fields, helped Dovile to developed this unique view to nature.
Dovile uses traditional wax carving techniques and each piece is made individually, making them all slightly different from each other and emphasizes it’s individuality.



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I’m a creative careers participant

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jewellery precious

Dovile makes bespoke wedding and engagement rings in precious metals and stones in her own dreamy seaweed style.

jewellery non precious

Dovile undertakes collaborations and bespoke commissions. Her silicone pieces can be made in any colour that you love the most