A colourful woven brand of interior home products and fashion pieces.


I take my inspiration from the city of London and turn it in to, hand woven luxury pieces for you to wear or adorn your home.

WhelansWeaving is a colourful woven brand, encompassing interior
home products (throws, blankets, cushions & rugs) and scarves. Each piece is currently woven to order by Claire's hand in her east London studio.
The brand is gender neutral in design and is woven from the finest
natural materials including lambswool, cashmere and brushed cotton,
making all products biodegradable and welcomingly soft to the touch. Colour combinations are central to the design process of every individual
piece in the ‘WhelansWeaving’ collection, striving to match colours that
live harmoniously together whilst commanding attention of the eye. Always wondering if attraction to certain colour combinations is
instinctive to the viewer, or simply built up from life experience?



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/07/2017 - 30/06/2019
    Clothworkers Foundation Award


Throws, Blankets, cushions and rugs can all be woven to order.

fashion and accessories

Luxury scarves woven from cashmere, lambswool, cotton and ethically sourced angora are woven to order.