Catarina Riccabona

Catarina Riccabona

Textile Artist and Hand-weaver


"I enjoy the flexibility and the spontaneous changes that are possible when weaving by hand. My practice is based on environmental values and I am very much inspired by the materials I use."

Catarina Riccabona is a hand-weaver creating unique pieces for high end interiors, mainly throws and more recently wall hangings. “For me the process of hand-weaving is endlessly intriguing and keeps informing and pushing my work. Its slow-paced, contemplative nature and the possibility to make changes spontaneously offer a dimension that goes beyond the mere production of a piece.” This process is key for creating her designs. “When I start a piece, I often don’t know what it will look like finished. I work at the loom in a spontaneous, intuitive manner thereby simultaneously creating and executing ideas. Each piece is a unique arrangement of elements and a new composition.”



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/05/2012 - 01/06/2014
    Clothworkers' Foundation Award


Catarina weaves each throw by hand using selected yarns such as linen, hemp, alpaca and wool. The pieces are highly individual, characterised by the slight irregularities typical of handmade objects.

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Catarina’s hand-woven wall panels often include different paper yarns and raffia. Sizes range from A4 to large panels measuring approximately 100x200cm each. Multiple panels can be combined to form diptychs or triptychs.