Beth Ranson

Beth Ranson

Knitted Textile Designer


I am a specialist in sustainably knitted textiles. Problem solving with a material palette of natural fibres, I explore ethical production within circular design contexts.

Beth Ranson is a knitted textile designer, teacher + sustainable design consultant. Researching fibre, yarn and stitch structures and motivated by problem solving in sustainable design contexts, Beth occupies the space between knit technician and textiles designer: an interesting space to be. Removing elastic and petrochemical based materials from her process, many of Beth’s fabrics are biodegradable and functional through unique stitch structures and yarn combinations rather than synthetic stretch. She experiments with adaptable knitted forms using ‘zero waste’ methods. Material education through narratives embedded in textiles is an important part of Beth’s ethos. Communication of this concept is a constant path of enquiry for her. Beth’s craft inspires her technical approach to knitting, whilst her visual inspiration is gathered from personal narratives and nostalgia inducing imagery. As a specialist in the use of Natural Dyes, Beth's use of colour distinguishes her collections.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/01/2020 - 01/01/2021
    The Cockpit Arts / Haberdashers’ Award

fashion and accessories

Exploring Zero Waste Methods + inspired by Victorian knitting manuals, Beth develops garment patterns by shaping pattern pieces on the machine. Developing alternatives to elastic, Beth uses stitch structures to create silhouettes.

textiles art led

Utilising her knowledge of a vast range of knitted textile techniques, Beth crafts knitted samples by hand and machine.. As a specialist in Natural Dyes, she often explores colour through paper artworks interpreted into fabrics.