Adele Brereton

Adele Brereton

Jewellery and silversmithing inspired by found objects


I make jewellery and silversmithing inspired by the forms and textures of discarded everyday objects - old and new.

Adele Brereton's inspiration comes from found objects. Broken and eroded shards of Victorian clay smoking pipes instigated her fascination with irregular hollow forms. She creates these through the traditional Silversmithing technique of Hand Raising, where a flat sheet of metal is hammered into a hollow form. Textures are also borrowed from the objects and incorporated into unique precious jewellery.

Throughout her work, there is a link between the natural and the man-made. The tactile and organic aesthetic is an interpretation of the found objects. One-off pieces are created using all sorts of materials; precious metals in combination with wood, porcelain, woven steel or horsehair. Each statement piece has its own story to tell.

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Adele explores her love of making through a variety of materials to create one off statement pieces. Inspiration is sought from her collections of found objects which travels though to her popular Bell and Spiculum collections.

metalwork and silversmithing

Adele creates organic and tactile vessels by hammering a hollow form from a flat sheet of silver. These are often grouped with delicate hand made porcelain pinch pots. They can be made to commission.


Adele's bespoke rings are created using traditional hand skills to form understated and elegant engagement and commitment rings. Her new range of rings, bangles and earrings incorporate unique textures of found objects.